Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Evening…

Imagine for a minute that you're standing seven thousand and two feet above a horseshoe shaped waterfall with only an inch and a half rope between you and certain death. Your arms are out for balance and your toes are gripping the rope with, somehow, practiced ease. You lift your head, straightening your shoulders, and take a deep breath. Cold and clear, the air is filled with atomized water. The roar of the falls is all around, disappearing and reappearing with the whim of your ears.

Wasn't that fun? We played with perspective! First, the idea of dying, then the thought that you could, somehow, do this and live. Then, of course, the inevitable description of your beautiful surroundings, trying to take you there but only really succeeding in bringing you so far as the art museum of your mind's eye. That can either destroy or strengthen the perspectives established before, depending on how good your imagination is. And how good is your imagination, Sesame Street Gen?

Enough of all that, though. I actually need to run… I shouldn't be blogging at all… But I am, and all I really wanted to say was, I AM PUBLISHING TODAY!!! That's right, Amazon Direct Publishing is grinding away on my book as I type! It's going to be up at 6PM! Isn't that exciting!! That's why I'm using all these exclamation points!! Cause I'm excited!! See?!?!

Anyways, I go. I'll keep you updated, people, but go look for my book on the Kindle store after 6PM! It's called The Flying Fix-it Shop.


  1. *Shop Might wanna fix that. :P

  2. YAAAAAAAAAY! I can't wait! I suppose I should find a way to get a copy for myself so I can show it off!

  3. Can I keep my test copy AND buy a new copy?