Monday, August 29, 2011

Raining Sunshine

Marble stone,
Dark clouds foam,

Bring out the umbrellas, mark the day.
Hang your head to get away.

Suddenly downpour,
The skies open wide.
Gold hits the pavement side.

Look up, the sky aglow,
Washing away all you know.

Sunshine Drops, bringing clearest light.
Your heart soars at the sight.
Your sadness to joy, by His might.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Love

I long for you by my side. I long to hear your voice and to relish your laugh, that precious sound like crystal clear water. I can almost feel you golden, rolling locks. I can see your gorgeous blue eyes, and your lovely smile. I long for you attentive ear, you try harder to understand me than any other, though I don't deserve it.

You are the only maiden for me. A maiden of the sea that God gave my heart away to. I thank him always for you because only your gentle, patient touch could handle such a thing. You hold me up, you guard my back, you fill in all the chinks in my armor. You are my right hand.

Sweetheart, I would not be truly alive without you. God has always shown me pretty things, given me beautiful treasures, but you are by far the most enchanting gift that he has ever given to me. You are a wonder, you are a graceful woman of God, and I would be lost on these treacherous seas without you. Enaduial, will you continue with me through this adventure for as long as God grants us to live it? I need you. I love you.


The sighing Autumn breeze
Brings back memories of despair.
My blood begins to freeze
As I tell myself someone cares.

A four stanza poem, a four stanza song,
A four stanza heartbeat that doesn't belong.
Eyes toward heaven, knees on the ground,
I beg God to move and turn my life around.

Something trumps nothing
Each and every day.
Would He change that for me?
Do motivations come into play?

"I know my heart," I want to scream aloud,
But this breeze has brought a doubt to cloud.
If it's as black, as I'm beginning to think,
Is that what is sucking my life down the sink?

Then a whisper cuts through the night,
Like a sword to my heart,
"You're forgiven," says a voice of might.
And it tears that breeze apart.

"I love you and always will," He tells me.
I feel His arms about me, suddenly I'm free,
The burdens have lifted, the darkness is gone,
And there's a new breeze, one heralding the dawn.