Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Publishing Problems

Well, guys, I'm published! That doesn't mean the problems have ended, though! The book is up on, but it says it's "unavailable in the United States." I'm currently republishing it to see if that helps and I've sent a query off to Amazon itself to see what the problem is. Bear with me as I bear with Amazon. I should hopefully have my book available for purchase in the next few days. …I hope.


  1. Weeeee! I'm so excited for you! As soon as it's available I'm gonna tell all my friends!

  2. I was tellin everybody yesterday -_- Mom is getting kindle on her laptop just so she can have a copy!

  3. IT'S UP AND AVAILABLE NOW!!!! Get your copies right away, folks. This book is destined to become a classic of young adult literature.