Monday, April 23, 2012

Hitting Walls

So I officially finished my book, people! Months ago… The problem now is getting it published. With the wonderful invention of the Kindle (and Kindle software that will run on just about anything) and the glorious ease of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) I thought, "This won't be a problem!" Boy was I wrong!

I keep making progress, slow but sure, but if anything this whole process has shown how badly life can get in the way sometimes. It's like a brick wall that sprouts out of the ground and beats you in the face. Or like a work schedule that does the same thing. Or closing on a house, or college, or relationship issues, or a bathroom remodel project thats been lingering like the devil for the past few years. Actually, it's worse than the devil. Cause you can get the devil to flee and this bathroom just sits there. o_0

There are life lessons here! I know it! Like, how to manage one's time better and when it's better to hire someone to get the work done and when it's not. But I'm almost too frustrated to care! I think the last thing I need to do is put up an excerpt for the website we're prepping… That's if I ignore the correction notes coming in from my test audience and just publish asap. -_-

I'd tentatively like to shoot for Wednesday (This one, the 25th), but if not maybe this weekend… Maybe? Please? I understand that's unprofessional but again I don't care! At this point I'm just begging God to let it happen! Preferably soon. Maybe I'm supposed to be learning patience…

Anyways, I'll keep you all posted as this struggle with my book and life and walls and bathrooms continues. Any prayers for me would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Always praying for you, my dear brother. I'm also sure that you will learn and grow from whatever God sends you way. It just may take time. God bless with getting it up! I can't wait!

  2. Finishing with my test reading of this book just got bumped up in my priorities. I'll get through it as fast as I can!