Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Into The Fog Flavored Milkshake We Fall

It was more of a float, which is almost a way of describing it all. Almost, but not quite. So we do this fog filled dance, asking questions like: "Why no lemon?" "Who is that six-foot bunny?" "And what's that funny smell in the room?"

In the long term, though, I'd like to address world hunger, brain freeze, and brain burn. World Hunger, I'm so sorry for your loss. Brain Freeze, if you stop paying the rent, I can throw you out. Brain Burn, What about the old stand by, 'Ode to Joy'? No? Oh, well. I don't know what to say…

The fog is lifting… I can almost see enough to land this thing on the Danube. Now, here's hoping the water ain't choppy.

The last preparations are going in, and one of the last things needs doing is buying URLs. Sadly, that's a bit of a wild card.

You see, I need the consultation of my brother. And he's in Cleveland. You also, surely by now, see how much I say, 'you see,' don't you? Or do you? You would if you'd seen the bunny… Was his name Harvey? Or Frank…?

So, basically, I need to work out a time we can both (my brother and I) work this out. But, since everything has been falling together like fog flavored milkshakes through one's brain, my main focus is gonna be keeping my reasons straight. The reason for publishing. The reason for working. The reason for waking up each morning. And the reason for not drinking milkshakes. The reason is my Blessed Redeemer, Jesus Christ. You are my God and my Rock and my Light. You, alone, shine through the thickest of my fogs. Flavored, or no.


  1. This is awesome. Poor Gabe, though. No more milkshakes for you. Especially when you-know-who is in the drive-thru with you. ;) (jk)

  2. You know, you could drink a milkshake and let them do CAT scans during your fog. it might help scientists to understand schizophrenia.
    I was very glad to see that through all of this, you were able to maintain cohesive connections: Jesus and Alex.
    I love your writings at times like this. I hope you don't drive much at those times, though.