Friday, January 18, 2013

A Long Time Coming…

*blows off the dust and sits down* …Wow. It's been about six months since I blogged last. I guess life can get in the way. Oh, I need a sandwhich! *scurries off* *back minutes later with a sandwhich and mashed potatoes* Very tasty stuff, this. I make a mean ham sandwhich and the wife's mashed potatoes are to die for.

Oh yeah, I'm married now. That's old news. Well, a month old at least. I have my own apartment now and my own car! It's exciting. Life is happening! And getting in my way, but I'll get over it.

So, yeah. It's been a long time coming, but I thought I'd update the old blog. Maybe even try to blog consistently. That's not a resolution, mind you. Just an idea. Maybe fueled by an epic blog entry that I have written that I'll release later. Just maybe. ;)

I entered my book, The Flying Fix-it Shop, into a contest! Yeah, I know I published it already, but since it's only self published I'm allowed to do that. I don't expect to win or anything. I'm looking at it as good practice. A writer needs to practice the art of selling/submitting his work as much as he needs to practice the work itself. I am hoping, though. A little. Hey, with God all things are possible. If it's His will I'll get published it ought to happen sooner or later.

The other big news writing-wise is that I'm continuing work on my "dark" story. It's the one I may or may not have mentioned before that I started in November, 2011. When I say continuing I mean consistently writing. As in, I'm really getting there. All I can think is that it's the wifey. She inspires me like nothing else. <3 <3 <3 It's awesome! ^__^ Love you, mermy!

Anyways, I'm fifty-eight thousand words into my book and making good headway. Yesterday I wrote roughly three thousand one hundred words. That's more than usual (my stated goal is five hundred words a day), but I was making up for some slacking in the past days.

You see, life is always getting in the way! Job problems, car problems, little joys and big hurdles. The only way I make it through each day is by God's grace and my wife's common sense. Have I mentioned she's brilliant in that regard? Far more brilliant than I think a lot of people give her credit for… But don't tell! I wouldn't want her to get a big head. ;) (Love you, sweetstuff. <3)

Well, that's all I have to report for today. A lousy report for six months of doings, you say? Don't worry. I'll pepper them in through the next several blog entries. That way you don't get too board. ;) Not sure how often I'm going to be blogging, by the way, but I ought to have a special one up here after three tomorrow.

Until next time,

-Lé Foxy

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  1. Foxy! It's so good to see you posting here again. Yes, life has been sort of omnipresent lately, but it might settle down a bit here in the next year or so....But maybe not!
    I'm just really glad to see some of your writing. I love your writing and I've been missing these blogs.
    I sure hope you win the contest. If you don't, it won't be for lack of talent on your part.
    I'm looking forward to your "dark" story, but I'm afraid it will make me cry.
    Okay. So it's 2:25 now. You have 24.5 hours to post a special blog entry. :D