Friday, March 30, 2012

Something New, Something Old. Something Flew, So Take Hold

Some say that those that say too much having nothing left to say at all. Others point out that those that don't say don't have practice saying, so when they want to they don't know how. Both views are valid in different ways, and I think what I take from them is, "Choose your words carefully, but don't be afraid of saying what needs to be said when the time comes."

Cause the time will come and the time will go, and you'll either be left wondering if you said the right thing, knowing that you did, or knowing that you didn't. Now, I should say here that I'm a divided man. I want to believe the latter point of view more, because it hits closer to home. I always have, and always will have, trouble saying what I want to say. I find it easier to remain silent and let the moment slip by. But I cannot ignore the former point of view either, because I feel that in forcing myself to say I'll forget and say too much. Also, it's wisdom mentioned in the Bible, and one ignores that at one's peril (Proverbs 10:19).

But I have been extremely blessed. After I gave myself over to God, He started looking after my words. I can still slip up, but too often I somehow manage to say the perfect thing. I know it's not me. I know me. God grants me the ability to communicate far more than I ever intend, getting across the message I didn't even know I needed to get across.

My favorite recent example of this happened in February. The time came and the time went and I know I said the right thing. It was dreadfully important to. So much so that I was getting goosebumps, shivering, and just generally feeling so anxious I couldn't think. Not the ideal set up for saying the right thing, right? But God pulled it off, and I'm forever thankful.

You see, I was going to propose. She's the dearest, sweetest, most understanding woman in the whole world, but I still needed it to be perfect. Because I knew how much it would matter to her. Woman, correct me if I'm wrong, but proposals, good or bad, are remembered forever. They can either be the cherry on top, the gorgeous diamond on the finger that crowns the relationship, or the half-hearted, almost deal-like dry handshake that sticks in one's craw. Not that a lot of that isn't mental acrobatics on the part of the female that they can turn upside-down if they so choose. But it needs to be said that it matters to them.

Therefore, it mattered to me too to make it perfect. I wanted to show her how much I cared in that momentous moment that would decide the direction of the rest of our lives. And God granted me success, past the goosebumps, through the shivering, and foregoing all anxiety. He got me dressed up, took me out into the snow, guided me down on one knee, and prompted me to ask the question that can never be taken back. That age old phrase that was so perfect in that moment, "Will you marry me?"

Everything that evening was perfect. Wonderful. We danced, we laughed, we took pictures. It was a gorgeous thing to be a part of, and I'm so thankful to God for giving me this wonderful woman as a part of my life. I do not deserve her, or the Grace that God works through me to treat her so gently, to treat her the way she ought to be treated.

Saying the right thing matters. It matters more than worrying about saying too much, and far more than worrying about saying too little. (Proverbs 25:11)


  1. It was a perfect evening, and you're wonderful. I can't wait to marry you <3

  2. I think that we humans can scarcely understand the power of words. As a child, I was often on the receiving end of cruel, hurtful words. To comfort me, my folks would tell me that words couldn't hurt me. I remember an uncle asking me to show him the wound. He wanted to prove to me by the lack of a wound that I wasn't actually hurt.
    You can't show heart wounds like that, so I thought he must be right and didn't understand why I was in pain inside.
    As a Christian I learned that words have power and that Jesus is, in fact, God's living Word. It was a vindication for me, but also a warning. See, I had reasoned that, since words didn't hurt, I could say anything I wanted. And I usually did. Now I still struggle to weigh my words before they come out. And I often fail. but I will continue to rely on God to give me victory in this. And I'm so pleased with you, Gabe, and your ability to say the right thing. You're always very wise and often downright eloquent.