Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's a terrible thing to do, forget. But it's even worse to be. When you forget yourself… That's the worst of both worlds.

Today, I remembered deep, azure skies. Thick, white mountains of cloud drifting by. I remembered a warm wind, a ghost of it at the back of my mind. But above it all, I remembered a younger heart. My heart. There was peace there, and a warmth that made the wind feel chill. The smile it recalls is soft and easy. There is a hope that radiates out of my heart, a fire that seems unquenchable. How can I have forgotten?

Life, it seems. I let it run me over trying to stay on top. I forgot that day in August, somehow… But God brought it back to mind today. That hope, that fire, that happy smile. It's mine again, and I feel like I'm ready to tackle anything. ^__^

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  1. I'm so glad that you're feeling hopeful. I'm glad for your sake, and I'm glad because when you're feeling hopeful, it seems to make everything possible for me too, and I begin to hope again. I begin to feel more visible.