Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Child of Woe

How deftly does the sorrow and flowing pangs of woe,
Tear my heart wide open, but where else will I go?
How to escape the clouds and raucous cares of life…
Where will you find happiness and no relation to strife?

If I just keep my distance maybe it won't be so bad,
Maybe with every progressive passing I won't feel so sad…
And hollow words don't echo, they fall dead to the floor.
So I must go out and seek an answer once more.

God, my soul is rending in pain!
Is the 'Why? that' it cries in vain?
Who am I to seek answers that the wise could not find?
Yet, to quell this agony as my heart unwinds…

All I know is who I know and He is Faithful indeed,
To my Rock and foundation I must go to plead.
For my Lord has the words of Life, to whom else can I go?
He is the only one that can comfort this child of woe.

For He is sovereign in all things, body and soul.
And He doesn't let a sparrow drop that he doesn't know.
Come to Him both weary and overburdened men,
For He will uphold you, He understands.

And I can count it joy, even as tears flow.
For passing pangs of life produce steadfastness you know.
Because Jesus is my Hope and I know that one day,
Every sorrow will pass and every tear will be wiped away.

Not forgotten but maybe crystalized, as silver glass,
So in their memory the joy and glory will overpass,
And triumph and trumpet and overpower beyond…
What the imaginative could imagine or put into song.

And child of woe will turn and child of joy become,
And mourning to laughter and rejoicing and then some.
Oh those without the Lord, how is it you cope?
For do you not know? We have the one true Hope.

1 comment:

  1. How indeed do unbelievers stand the ever-present sufferings of this fever called living? No wonder there's such madness. How else to live in a world so capricious and dangerous except to grab whatever comforts one can for the moment.

    Unless, of course, you know that this life is nothing but a brief prelude to the joys of eternity with the God of the Universe. An eternity that, for believers, includes no sorrow, no pain and no parting.

    This family that we mourn today will never know any partings within their group. None of them will ever live a day without the others. What an amazing reward for a faithful, dedicated family!