Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Of Monsters and the Son of Man

Why do we always fight who we are? We do! Don’t believe me? When was the last time you were content with who you are? We’re all desperate to change! That’s another way of saying we’re fighting who we are.
Sure, maybe it’s a just cause. Maybe we’re fighting against a monster that might come out and wreck havoc on society as we know it if we let down our guard. What a gloomy existence though… Is that who we’re supposed to be?
Short answer: no. Now, let me take a second and say, I’m not a believer in positive thinking. I am not about to spout some mumbo-jumbo about turning your whole life around by yelling aloud at it to change or thinking really hard about who you want yourself to be. Sure, there might be some value there. Personally, though, I don’t think there’s a lot and that’s not my point at all.
My point is just to suggest that, while the monster is a part of all of us, it’s not who God sees us as. And if God is focusing on something, someone else, ought not we do the same? So the question then is who does God see?
In keeping with the clipped tone: Jesus. He’s the answer to everything, right? No, I’m being serious. He is.
You see it doesn’t matter what kind of monster you were or are, Jesus is the answer. His sacrifice on the cross allows Him access to every human soul. Jesus cleaned house on the cross. You can tap into this house cleaning simply by believing in Him and what He did.
That’s an old metaphor, by the way, the heart as a house. But where that metaphor stops is that the house of your soul isn’t left empty… Jesus is there. He remains, He resides. The Holy Spirit in you is Him and that is who God sees.
Side note: This is not about stopping the fight against the monster. On the contrary, it’s about redoubling your efforts! It’s about looking in the mirror and seeing a work of God! But when you see a work of God, suddenly the monster’s strength is broken. When you use God’s strength then the monster can’t stand.
Think me crazy? If Jesus is with you and you start looking then you’ll see Him. You’ll see Him in your work ethic, in your smile, in your kind words or you kind deeds. You’ll find Him in your laughing joy over beautiful things, or in your tears of sorrow for those lost.
If the Holy Spirit is really there, honestly abiding, then you can’t help yourself. Sure the monster’s remains might bark and posture, but deeds speak louder than words. And what do the deeds done show?
Either God is there and you’re saved: Rejoice! Or you need to find God and run from the monster. It’s that simple.
So, stop fighting. Face yourself. Look yourself in the eyes and tell it like it is. Relief is either immediate or imminent, trust me. Personally, it’s immediate and I’m going to revel in the joy.

What do I see in me when I gaze into those deep brown eyes?
A cat with a Cheshire grin, a fox knowing every surprise.
A little boy filled with laughter and a jester who can’t help but jest.
Or a tea wielding, cynic who even critiques the best.
Most of all I see a broken man who was forgiven of all his sins.
A man who finds strength from the Father from whom new life begins.

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  1. How did I miss this blog entry?
    I'm so glad I found it today. Your use of words is clever and concise, as always. "Relief is either immediate or imminent." Wonderful!
    I especially like the end paragraph and your exhortation to "face yourself." I love your brand of Christianity because it's not metaphysical. This is easy stuff. You tend to encourage us to actually live these truths rather than mull them over endlessly and pointlessly.
    The poem is amazing, too. I feel like it would make a nice song if set to music.