Friday, October 4, 2013

Eternal Shore

Is it easy being the only one?
And doing what you could?
Is it knowing that when life is done,
You did what you should.

And when the Hand of Fate comes down,
And life comes apart like glass.
Will the Rock get your renown?
Or will your shadow pass?

Is it easier to venture impossible,
When you believe the Light at the end?
It is easier to free the implausible,
When you know that you shall win.

And then when all fades,
And you see the crystal sea.
When you look into the eyes of Grace,
A reflection you will no longer be.

That instant will find you done
And ease will matter no more.
So take the gifted strength to run
And find that eternal shore.

1 comment:

  1. What is there to say? It's lovely and so true. I think all people sometimes find themselves walking a difficult road, sometimes apparently alone. I can tell you that when the road leads toward Christ, the experience is much, much sweeter.