Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogging, A Dead Horse

You, all of you, have no idea how many of these blog entries I want to begin with, "Okay, so…" and then go on to make profuse apologies about one thing or another that I have failed at miserably at. It happens more times than I can count, except that the reason I was going to start this blog entry with regretful mourning sorta precludes that from being true… (It's only really true because I do it across more than one medium.)

You see, I am tearfully sorry that I have failed to crank out blog entries more often. But instead of saying all that (oh, too late…), I'm going to focus on praising. Yes, the positive instead of the negative, you say. That's part of it, but really praising is the reason I started this particular blog entry. Frankly, I've had a wonderful day and I would like to thank God publicly for making it so.

I was terrified of today. I wanted it not to happen. But, it did, and I pulled myself out of bed at 4 AM still terrified. So, right after I hit the alarm clock, I got on my knees and gave the day away. I gave it to God because I could see no good coming of it if I went at it alone. I knew I had to preform a little better, a little faster today then I had previously, and I knew I didn't have it in me at all. So, I thanked God for the day, I gave it away to Him (after all, it was rightfully His anyways. He brought it into being, made it be), and prayed fervently that He would empower me to get through it all better, faster, and in a way pleasing Him and glorifying to Him.

And He fully, and completely answered those prayers. He gave me love for my work and co-workers that felt odd, but made me smile. He granted me joy in a joyless situation (I got to work and the manager didn't show up, making it impossible to get in and prep for opening! =D). He filled me with peace as we worked through the emergency. He bestowed on me patience far above what I could ever produce. He made me feel kind, and I sincerely hope it showed through me (because, folks, that wasn't me). I sincerely believe that He accomplished something good with me today, which makes me giddy. He made in me more faithfulness then this fickle human being could ever have imagined. He changed my approach, made it gentle and soft. And He grew in me a self-control that made ever decision a firm resolve.

And that's about all I can say. God is so completely amazing. I gave Him the day, and He gave it right back to me. ^__^ It was an awesome day, thanks alone to my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You.


  1. When you say things like this it's so incredibly encouraging. You're the best ^__^

  2. It's always so delightful to be with you when you feel this way. I wish we could all - especially me - develop the habit of praising God through the entire day, no matter what the circumstances. God bless you for this blog; it's so very uplifting.

  3. I love this post. So real, so transparent, so grateful. To Him be the glory! :)

  4. Wow, that is pretty much exactly how today has been for me! I thank God for that too. :)