Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello, all! The name's Gabriel Tiberius Markley, and I shall be your captain for the duration of this voyage! We'll begin with the roll-call, after it's been determined whether or not the ship is shipshape. What shape is the ship in? Or, better yet, what is the ship's shape? Even more concerning, what is the shape of the ship? Semantic saturation yet, anyone? Maybe it's just me.

Anyways, this is (officially) my blog. There are two things that I think are dreadfully important that you should know before we disembark. The first is that my middle name is not Tiberius. The second is that I'm not sure you know what I know you're getting into, and I just want us to be very clear on that subject because I think that any confusion might lead to misunderstandings further down the road. Understood? Good.

Cast off the starboard lines and make ready the mainsail! I think this ship is shipshape enough to ship out, and - as captain - my thoughts are what count. Next stop: Wherever the Wind Blows!


  1. I'm aboard! Weeeeeeeee!

  2. So hoist up the John B's sail,
    See how the mainsail sets,
    Call for the Captain ashore,
    Let me go home!

    Actually, I want to remain aboard. Permission to remain aboard, sir?